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About Imperial Acres Miniature Horses
Imperial Acres Miniature Horses is family-owned and operated right here in Sacramento, California. We purchased out first horses in 2003, and have been involved in showing, training, and breeding mini horses ever since. Susan and her daughter Jennifer are the horsewomen in the family. Owning horses has always been a dream of theirs. Pictured below are some of our non-equine family, as well as some of our equine family.
Rose, one of our Bugs (Boston terrier x Pug)
Drogo, our newest addition. He's a German Shepard x Australian Shepard x Lab mix. He's a love bug!
Oliver is Rose's full brother. They are from different litters, but have the same parents.
Jake was Jennifer's elderly Louisiana Catahoula. He sadly passed away  in October, 2011. 
Gus is our Boston Terrier, and is Rose and Oliver's sire. Their brother Louie started getting too rambunctious for his old man, so he came to live with us.
Purple Moscow Guppies, currently in a breeding colony. Fry are available if you're interested! These pics are the parent stock, but ours look just like these. Pictures of our guppies coming soon! Purple guppies are not easy to photograph. I need to figure out how to show their gorgeous color!