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Here are some famous horses that appear in our minis pedigrees.
Boones Little Buckeroo- appears in DeeDee and Holly's pedigrees
Little Kings Buck Echo- Missy and Holly's grandsire
FWF Little Wardance
Komoko's Dark Destroyer- Lady's sire, Princess's grandsire
Lazy N Littleman- grandsire to Gemini and Princess, great-grandsire of Stormy
Rowdy- grandsire to Lady and Gemini, great-grandsire of Stormy and Princess
Little Kings Baron Buckeroo- sire to Honeybun and Baroness, grandsire of Lucky
Grosshills Littleman's Anticipation- sire to Gemini and Princess
NFC's Rowdy's Chiclet- dam of Gemini
Tanglewood Farms Mariah- dam of Holly
Half Measures GM Mega Bucks- sire of Hollywood
Little Kings Echo Diablo- sire of Holly and Missy
Half Measures Sweetpea- dam of Missy
Komokos Little King Supreme- grandsire of Demon
Grandpas Gambling Man- grandsire of Hollywood
Johnstons Vanilla
Komokos Teeny Jeannie
Komokos King Tut
Komokos Little Husseler
Ayers Mini Red Man
Stouts Mr Pride
Montanas Misty Moon
Gold Melody Boy
Half Measures Bo Jangles
Little Bran
Las Doradas A Toy4Me2- Unique's sire
Bond Dynamo
Sugar Creek Geronimo- Libbe's sire
Martins Dealers Choice
Winners Circle Adonis- sire of my Adonis, grandsire of Athena
Bond Jocko
Dell Teras Miss Independance
Dels Little Man
Samis Roger Rabbit
Samis Kid Banana
Shadow Oaks Ebb
Little Kings Supreme Dream - Demon's sire
Candy King
Grosshills Littleman's Anticipation - sire of Gemini and Princess
Sid's Rebel
Dippers Duffy
Las Doradas Buckeroos Cajun Rhythm -Lucky's uncle, half brother to her dam
Rehs Patriarch, grandsire of Athena
Little Kings Half a Buck, Athena's great-grandsire

Chianti - He appears twice in Yummy's pedigree
Komokos Ringo