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Imperial Acres Miniature Horses Foals
Here are our expected foals due in the spring of 2018! 

If you are interested in a particular foal, please feel free to inquire. I do not sell in utero, as I cannot be sure of viable foals, but I will keep names on file for people interested in particular breedings. 

I have exposed five mares for 2018 foals. My 2018 foal crop is going to be my biggest foal crop yet! We should start our foaling season in April. I can't wait to meet these babies!

We are breeding for our 2018 foal crop now. We are going to have a powerhouse foal crop in 2018! 
Las Doradas Bucks Double Diamond (DeeDee) is exposed to Little Kings Dream Demon for a 2018 foal. This will be DeeDee's second foal, and I am super excited about this cross. I'm hoping for a clone of DeeDee, but as long as the baby is healthy, I will be happy! 

DeeDee is due in May, 2018. 
Little Kings Dream Demon
Lil Unicorns Athena is exposed back to Little Kings Dream Demon for a 2018 foal. This will be Athena's fourth foal, and a full sibling to Alex. I'm hoping she'll have a blue roan filly for me (but I honestly am a bit unsure of her color, so who knows what I'll get!). 

She foaled an adorable sorrel colt on March 26! Alex is being hand raised, and he is currently slated to show next year as a yearling. We are retaining him as a possible future herd sire.   

Athena should be due in May-June, 2018.
Wesco Farms Diablos So Chic (Holly) is being exposed to Little Kings Dream Demon for a 2018 foal. It will be her first foal. I am looking forward to meeting Holly's baby. She is an amazing mare! 

Holly should be due in May, 2018. 
Imperial Rowdy Little Rich Girl (Princess) is exposed to Little Kings Dream Demon for her third foal in 2018! Princes was my first born foal, and she came home this past winter. I am thrilled to have my baby girl back. Princess is a big stock type mare, but she has a gorgeous arab type face. She can also move when she gets going! 

I can't wait to meet my second generation foal! Princess is due in May, 2018.
Wesco Farms Chance Encounter (Rose) is exposed to Little Kings Dream Demon for her first foal. Rose is a granddaughter of Rowdy, and I am super stoked at the possibilities for this foal. Rose is pictured here with Alex. She is a beautiful silver dapple, and her foal has a huge list of color choices. 

Her half sister Gemini had Stormy by Demon in 2015, so this baby is going to be stunning! Rose is due in May, 2018.