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Imperial Alexander von Troublemaker 
2017 Sorrel colt
24" at 5 months

Sire: Little Kings Dream Demon
Dam: Lil Unicorns Athena

AMHA: pending
AMHR: pending

Alex surprised everyone with his entrance! He is small, correct, and has the most gorgeous Arab type head,with big doll eyes! His correct conformation, and show quality looks were no surprise, with Demon and Athena as his parents. 

What we didn't expect was that Athena would reject him. So Alex got to come to the grandparents house, and enjoy warm milk, and canine companions. He likes to run around with the dogs, but he really hated it when they tried to clean up his milk-staches! 

Alex spent some time at Loomis Basin Equine Hospital, due to sepsis, and lack of passive transfer (he didn't get enough of his mom's colostrum- the first milk that gives antibodies to newborns). His first few weeks were challenging ones, with his illness, and my trying to take the place of his dam. He is growing well, and we are extremely happy that he has beaten the sepsis! 

Alex is showing so much potential that the plan is currently to retain him as Demon's replacement. I'd also love to show him next year. This year we're just going to focus on growing up, and quitting the milk habit!